On Thursday the 29th of October we had two fascinating talks. Aron Beurskens shared his knowledge about Kubernetes and Ewout Pieter den Ouden gave us a sneak peek behind the scenes of PHPUnit. Did you missed it? No worries! Scroll down and watch both talks, whenever it suits you. Enjoy! 🤓

Talk 1: Kubernetes by Aron Beurskens

A lot of development teams use docker for their local development, but many teams don't use docker for their production deploys. Lack of time and knowledge to deploy and maintain containerized applications are the main reasons which withhold the teams. During this talk Aron Beurskens will show how to get your containers deployed and running in kubernetes, ready for production environments.

First the core concepts and components of kubernetes are shown, followed by a hands on example of setting up a containerized application. Step by step it is show how to setup a local docker application, configure automatic build pipelines with Gitlab and deploy them to a kubernetes cluster.

This talk is ideal for people who want to learn about kubernetes from a developer / devops perspective and who are planning use kubernetes for their production environments.

About Aron Beurskens
Aron Beurskens started his professional PHP development career in 1999 and founded NetAnts in 2011. As lead developer he coached several development teams in delivering quality code with test driven development. In 2017 he founded CloudAnts where he helped external development teams set up their CI/CD pipelines, focussing on modern platforms, like terraform and kubernetes.

Talk 2: Hall of Mirrors by Ewout Pieter den Ouden

Having done away with "eval()" and "register_globals" we now live in a brave new world of autoloading third-party dependencies, object reflection and comment @annotations. Do you really know what is executed when you run a bit of code and do you even want to?

PHPUnit is designed to isolate pieces of code for testing. Together with a debugger, this makes for an excellent sandbox to explore this topic. Using the internals of the testing framework we take a look at how quickly complexity creeps in. Starting with a simple test we explore what happens when complexity is introduced: parameters, dependencies, process isolation and finally reordering of units of work. At every step the testing core has to do more work to hide what is really going on.

The talk ends connecting the dots by looking at the architecture and implementation of the execution reordering features, introduction of a state-cache and footprint improvements of data-driven automated tests.

About Ewout Pieter den Ouden
Ewout Pieter den Ouden is a backend developer, PHPUnit expert and open source contributor. On kitchen duty at PHPUnit. I like to create things that humans enjoy using. Sometimes the best way to do this is by writing code.

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